Meet the Contestants in the Great Green Business Search 2012

Great Green Business SearchWith a mission to discover, promote, and champion Arizona innovation in the green and clean tech sectors, the Great Green Business Search is May 10th at ASU SkySong.

The Green Chamber is pleased to announce the 2012 Great Green Business Search Contestants. Learn more about these local innovators and get ready to cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award.

Algal Micro Farms, Ltd
Jeffrey Scott
Algal Micro Farms, Ltd designs and builds small efficient closed loop systems designed to grow algae.  Algal Micro Farms provides an alternate and supplement to conventional agriculture. Our farms grow basic nutrients that can help prevent starvation.

Arbsource, LLC
Mark Sholin
Arbsource uses biotechnology to transform wastewater treatment from a costly energy liability into a valuable resource for food and beverage companies.  For half the cost, we provide identical treatment speed and quality with our patent-pending and exclusively licensed Arbcell biotechnology.  Savings are realized through an up to 70% reduction in electricity consumption and 80% reduction in solid waste biomass.

Cornerstone Conservation Group, LLC/Power Verde, INC
Bryce Johnson
Cornerstone Conservation Group LLC (CCG) has developed a process that is a totally green electrical power generation system using patented, revolutionary, heat recovery/co-generation technology. Unlike Solar or Wind power generating systems, which are intermittently productive (based upon atmospheric conditions); CCG’s electrical generators capture heat and convert that energy into electricity, 24/7/365. This heat can be obtained from natural sources (such as geothermal), waste heat from residential, commercial or industrial processes (such as furnaces), and methane from land fill or Biomass (manure or agricultural byproducts). Capturing and converting this waste, economically, into valuable electricity not only maximizes the efficiency of mechanical systems or biological heat producing processes, while eliminating emissions into the atmosphere.

Eco Aluminum Pallets
Peter Johnson
Eco Aluminum Pallet is an Arizona Corporation and is excited to present its unique aluminum pallet, a concept in the aluminum pallet industry because of its superior design, which incorporates all aluminum components that are assembled without welds creating a pallet that can be repaired when damaged.  Our pallet, in comparison to all other aluminum pallets being marketed today goes far beyond the welded pallet in its ability to be simply and cost-effectively repaired creating a longer life span.

Helius Illumination
James Caviness
Helius Illumination, LLC is a wholesale Lighting Manufacturer specializing in commercial LED lighting.  Helius has developed a patented LED commercial lighting fixture with a number of commercial applications.  While LED is not unique the Helius LED lighting system is a 2nd generation smart light fixture that is economical in all large commercial applications.

PinfoB, LLC
Nick Labadie
We drastically increase the efficiency and ROI of direct and email marketing campaigns by providing unprecedented access to and data about consumers. The resulting hyper-relevant ad targeting is possible by collecting extremely detailed behavioral and personal profiles directly from our members, the consumers, on a free web-based platform. Our members voluntarily provide this information with the understanding that we will broker their data and return the proceeds to them.

Precision Shade
Jack Anderson
Arizonans have a love/hate relationship with sunshine. We love our good weather but seek respite and escape during a good portion of the year. Arizona’s growth took off with the widespread use of commercial and residential air conditioning. Millions of tons of air conditioning place a heavy burden on our energy future. Proper architectural design can mitigate that burden. I have developed an AutoCAD based 3D design tool that will generate site specific shade geometry.

Recycle Path
Christopher J. Petroff
Recycle Path is a Phoenix based recycling/waste start-up that is changing the way Waste and Recycling are serviced in commercial and multi-family applications.  We have developed a commercial dumpster that can handle both Waste and Recycling.  The dumpster has been designed with two chambers that operate independently of one another and allow multiple pick-ups to occur from a single dumpster.  A locking mechanism enables Recycle Path to service one side of the dumpster at a time.  Recycle Path has created a cost-effective way for commercial and multi-family clients to offer and service waste and recycling.

reNature, Inc.
David A. Metoyer
reNature, Inc. is a local start-up company committed to implementing core concepts of sustainability.  The company has been developing a bioreactor technology capable of diverting organic waste out of the waste stream and processing it a nutrient rich fertilizer product.

Ride & Bike
Trevor Meiss
In bike sharing, kiosks of ten to twenty bikes are placed at convenient locations around the city. Users can walk up to the kiosk, check out a bike, ride it around the city, and then return it to any kiosk.  The kiosks are solar-powered, have an advanced locking system, and are easily installed.

Solar Brand Cookers
Dave Thompson
Solar-Brand makes a full line of solar cookers, from a low cost unit for relief agencies and the military, to more advanced versions for the camping and luxury market.  All models purify water and cook, and are based on thermal technologies that use a parabolic reflective surface to concentrate light and heat from the sun, and focus it on the cooking surface.  Our parabolic cookers can reach high temperatures to cook food and purify water quickly and easily.

Solar Pool Technologies, Inc.
Paul Sim
Solar Pool Technologies, Inc. combines solar energy and robotics to create energy-saving pool cleaning products for residential home owners who want to reduce the cost and hassle associated with maintaining a swimming pool.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions
Dave Williamson
Sustainable Packaging Solutions is a packaging, sales, and distribution service offered to companies within the beverage industry.

Tempe Aquaponics LLC
Gabriel Sanchez
Tempe Aquaponics LLC is a new venture based on the emerging sustainable agriculture technique of aquaponics. Our goal is to help solve the economic, environmental and social problems associated with current conventional agricultural practices and food distribution systems. By harnessing the emerging agricultural technology of aquaponics, a combination of hydroponics (water-based gardening) and aquaculture (fish cultivation), we will develop an urban agricultural model that will produce “work, wealth, and health” for our local community.

VermiSoks, LLC
Miguel Jardine
VermiSoks is a closed-loop solution for quickly converting large amounts of food waste into a platform for growing food without toxic chemicals in urban environments.  We provide large food waste producers an economical solution to handling their food waste that is safe for the environment and beneficial to their local community.

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