Green Help Wanted

Green Jobs Now and Later

We worry about unemployment but also consider balancing the economy with ecology. We have seen new industries replace old ones. Some because of technology but others because of a concern and need to create a better life and more sustainable future.  Solar and wind industries are growing at phenomenal rates. Job creation in electric vehicle technology and production is just starting with huge predictions for future employment. Most green jobs in the future will be occupations that people have today: transforming and retrofitting, buildings, farms or factories while others will be the result of new technology.  A green job is anything  that contributes to preserving or enhancing environmental quality.

The Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce hosted a career panel recently at a middle school where 12 and 13 year olds had an opportunity to hear from professionals with green jobs. The kids were bright and enthusiastic. They already had a great grasp on the concept of green they knew what the EPA was and were up on current ecological news. Their attitude could give you faith in the future because they took the idea of looking for a green job or creating a green business as a ‘given’, not something strange or unique. It seemed to be a matter of fact with this next generation that sustainability is the right thing to do, way to live and green jobs will be the ones to get. Since they are not current college students or adults they didn’t have any negativity to throw back about the sluggish economy, just great questions on how they could become an scientist (like their Teacher), and eco-friendly lawyer, design better buildings or work with animals.  As trailblazers, the eco-business people on the panel served as present day examples of what is possible and inspiration for combining avocation and vocation.

The Top green jobs for the next 5-10 years list everything from Farmer to Light Rail Operator. Most jobs will be in education and energy. For what Green Jobs might be available for you now check out

Author Kelly Sallaway is a writer and producer. Her Scottsdale-based company Kellan Media promotes and produces green programming for video and TV.


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