Making the List: Media Ranks Top 20 Green Companies

If you are reading the Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce blogs you are probably concerned about the environment as well as business. The green chamber is where like-minded entrepreneurs meet. We think about how to make our businesses grow while retaining some of our personal core values of responsibility and sustainability. We hope we can be a model for other business leaders while we look to some of the ‘big guys’ for inspiration and ideas. We wonder who is doing a good job at combining these enviable attributes.

If you are wondering how green a company is ‘there’s a list for that’!

Top 20 greenest large companies according to Newsweek (in 2009)

  1. Hewlett-Packard
  2. Dell
  3. Johnson & Johnson
  4. Intel
  5. IBM
  6. State Street
  7. Nike
  8. Bristol-Myers Squibb
  9. Applied Materials
  10. Starbucks
  11. Johnson Controls
  12. Cisco Systems
  13. Wells Fargo
  14. Sun Microsystems
  15. Sprint Nextel
  16. Adobe Systems
  17. Advanced Micro Devices
  18. Kohl’s
  19. Allergan
  20. Staples

While all rankings may be a subjective mixture of metrics,  the magazine spent over year compiling data to come up with its list for an environmental ranking of top 500 large companies in the United States.

The Newsweek rankings give large corporations a benchmark to compare and compete with each other for improved standings on the list.   When a company knows where it stands the results can raise awareness  for corporations and in-turn individuals. Intel, No. 4 in ranking, recently launched an initiative in which every employee’s annual bonus is tied, in part, to how well the company does in meeting sustainability goals. As business leaders and customers we  now have more information to compare companies and decide where we want to shop or invest.

If you are looking to selectively place your investments in only the most sustainable companies consider turning to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.

Author Kelly Sallaway is a writer and producer. Her Scottsdale-based company Kellan Media promotes and produces green programming for video and TV.


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